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Dirty Grandpa (2016)

Dirty Grandpa (2016) Full HD BLURAY 720p
Right before his wedding, an uptight guy is tricked into driving his grandfather, a perverted former Army general, to Florida for spring break.
In old age must survive in Hollywood as, and Robert de Niro has taken to the letter ; truth is that it works much / less obvious turns out to be the quality of their work.
But it may not matter, is there, his name sounds and asset remains, but you can not avoid a stop admired hodgepodge by whom it was great in its day / now quite helpless, it seems that nobody has a decent role and according to It demonstrated its high quality.
Because he acts, and does so correctly and effort if there is to say tacos, it does; whether to smoke joints, it is made; whether to look out and passed ball they pay – as much as you can draw from a much more cumbersome and painful character that father, former CIA agent, he had to meet his son, the progrenitores turn and repeat the journey again, demands of a battered and stretched unnecessarily script and trio of films.
Because it’s not the same shamelessness to be ashamed , to play the fool to be ridiculous, laugh at himself to laugh with you, go to ingratiate funny and end up smothering the public; because when you look reflects from the shame and pain of what was, and what is content, something is going in a downward direction.
Accompanied by the young Zac Efron, of great future and early lately , which is stumbling in your choice of papers, or opportunity to access the same ones we have the prototype lightweight and banal comedy to relax all vague or thinking mind -best the first case, as the second bored at such nullity creatively whose existing forgiveness welcomes this positive response, which is supported after the decisive question what causes laughter ?, entertains ?, to hang out minimum requirements given the cheapness of the argument and his wild career.
But is it really affirmative that judgment?
We spent hooliganism to the elderly , to the grandfather, old thread, which is allowed to do and say what he pleases, to the bemused view of their responsible grandson, stereotypes overwhelmed to bring two generations that have changed roles; be bold, impertinent and cheeky, mocking daring, to savor the second youth while the first is still stunned … but, let me insist, as Matthias, is it really affirmative that judgment?
Entry seems funny freshness grandfather, that combination of salty and grotesque, pathetic and humorous opens excited looking forward to seeing what you get from this newly widowed and formal grandson but soon all hope is lost; comes the loud music, filling to cover the shortage of its argument, the overflowing alcohol, as a principle of friendship and way to find himself and sex, as an excuse to say stupid things between dialogues passing thunderous boobies, offensive inept for one ear perceived lack of intelligence stupefied to manufacture them ; and to round off the Macarena and international dance arrives , so handsome to undress and show off his muscular body and that at least their devoted fans are compensated for input therefore pay fiasco.
At first, this type of characters had their point, that sharp charm of being overloaded and explode no matter who you’ll take ahead; right now, it is exceeded both boiling with them, who have peaked cooking torra that scorches them dry and derisory, or anything irony.

“It’s risk – reward” , and on that scale is played to make good decisions in life, but there is nothing about it; only a monumental absurdity of foolish result that even thinking you have a decent idea of background, is so poorly designed, built and elaborated that, Dan Mazer is crowned as the director that allowed lower the greatness of de Niro something dodgy, insignificant and tasteless.

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